For Sale, Several historic gold mines and gold projects with historic drill results, some never re-worked present day.

1. BC First Gold Mine

 Located on Haida Gwaii, many excavations made after 1851 when Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) on regular runs to trade with Haida, the previous trip showed the Haida gold samples that HBC would trade larger amounts for. On trip back by HBC in 1851, British Parliament official records of the day, stated 60 ounces of gold suddenly traded for, and one hold out had a 1 pound 11 ounce chunk of gold he refused to trade as he deemed offers too low. Haida showed HBC where the gold came from, 6 months later HBC arrived to mine. 7 American ships then showed up with men at the same time and the mining began, the Haida ran off both groups, Americans lost 1 ship to shipwreck. HBC came back later and started mining.

Historic adits, great geology that fits current large scale potential deposits, underground workings with veins plotted, located on Westcoast.

​ADITS plotted in 1959 with quartz still in adits.

2. BC gold mine, near town, northern BC, produced 93 grams gold from 5 tons in 1904, discovered in 1899, 155 feet of adits and crosscuts, never reworked, the vein is 20 feet wide, (6 meters)... $250,000 cash for mining titles 100%.

3. Quebec, near town, historic 10 adits mined in 1900's, a 1935 report lists visual estimations of 65 million to 500 million tons of material, never re=worked, gold and telluride in conglomerate, geological descriptions sound like Carlin Type target.  $2.5 million for 100%

4. Quebec Historic placer gold with Manganese, Manganite which is form of Manganese used in Electric Vehicles, located on Magdelen Islands, easy location, only historic tonnage of Manganese reported from 1940's drilling, $35,000

5. 2 holes hit gold zone 790+ feet apart in Timmins, 8km north of airport, never redrilled, low grade gold across 4 feet, and 25 feet, drilling completed in 1973.  $3.5 million for 100%

6. BC historic silver mine, 20,000 grams silver from 3 tons mined reported  adit, with workings, $35,000 for 100%.

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