Do you have a TSX or CSE listed company that requires financing?

We will finance the company with our projects.  Many junior mining exploration deals the past few years have had no funds, no share trading volume, but our group's projects generate market activity as they are market relevant and with upside potential.

You found us, we know the difficulty, we have been there, we know the answer, you found us now, if everything else has failed what is the harm trying our proven methodology? Time is always of the essence, call today. Let us start today.

Let's work together to monetize your hard work. Everyone has an expertise, lets work together as a team and turn the public company into a successful venture. No better time to start than now.

Example from week of June 24, TSX-FUSE, simple news release that ties industry specific news that is a boom to the commodity, simple, easy, also another example from week of January 20-24, TSX-SiE. Simple announcement nice located exploration land package, simple, easy, well written informative news release with market relevant commodity- Palladium, which is trading at new historic highs. Call now to make your company an exploration success, waiting another day is negligent with such a hot commodity market!

Palladium projects, gold projects, iron projects, rare earths projects, other projects.

call 604-729-4188 now, or email, specmin@gmail.com, to discuss current hot commodities and possible exploration project options.