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EV not heard by public?

EV Engine Sounds app is for you. Use a secondary device and a blue tooth speaker in your front trunk or a water proof blue tooth speaker for external placement. Connect the app to your speaker and choose one of the nine sounds to play in loop. Pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboarders, pets and animals will hear your EV.

Waterproof Speaker with magentic base with blue tooth connectivity  $53.00US 

Economical alternative to sound systems that cost US$2,000+

Many Governments worldwide will demand as early as September 2020 that your EV has sound to warn public your EV is approaching.

Make your EV Safe for the Public

Your EV is constructed to keep driver and passengers safe, as well as other motorists, but add sound to make sure your EV is heard by the public.


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Our clients Privacy is important to us. Your private information remains private and is not sold or traded or transmitted to any parties. We remain committed to following all Privacy Laws worldwide, and safe keep all information received. App is sold through online stores that maintain records and much of the information is not passed along to App publishers/owners