V.CUZ---CRUZ Capital---- trading on Cobalt promotion, group with historic promotions without completing substantive work. Cobalt is mined as a byproduct, the V.CUZ prospects are historic high value results in geologic environments that are not conducive to large tonnage or any tonnage deposits with economic grades. Group stock is tight held, has traded on the promotion for 6 months, so enough stock distributed to ensure capitulation. First announced acquisition were mineral claims that covered historic occurrence that is owned by crown grants-- so ownership is in doubt and not clarified, and claims abut a park.

v.CNZ- Canadian Zeolite-- management out of their league. Tie in promotion to marijuana industry and with major control of stock, has run to just under $2 per share and drifted downwards, big volumes by stock promoters to induce distribution.

c.XMG--MGXMinerals---managed by a professional poker player promoting Lithium in brines in Alberta, problem is, the historic Lithium values were numbers obtained from OIL well drill hole heads and drilling for OIL usually uses Lithium drill muds (lubrication) these drill wells are over 5000 feet deep usually, so the amount of Lithium drilling mud used would be huge, and would remain in hole forever hence any water from the drill head would assay Lithium, this has not been clarified in news releases, so shows utter incompetence on management- professional poker player, and the geological team who are notorious stock promoters the past 20 years without any of the grandiose claims made in stock promotions becoming anything other than wallpaper.  

v.EMC--Emblem ---NEW marijuana stock listing on TSX. Email blast in the form of a shareholder letter trading at over $3.00, without any of the branding other marijuana deals trading on TSX have with celebrities or cash flows that match other deals trading at lower price levels.

​v.EHT -- Enerdynamic--- solar, wind power. Website very subpar, trading up from 6 cents to highs of 23 cents with huge volume 12-16-16. Announced deal signed with no economics released with African country Military for military housing using some styrofoam? building system viewable on company website video. Shows solar panels and wind turbine but shows no connecting of solar panels nor wind turbine to generator etc. Looks very amateur, website is amateur and no information on directors. Company website and videos speak for themselves and lack of capabilities.

T-WEED huge financings including bonds, has touted grow space, Law made recreational cannabis legal in Canada Oct. 17, 2018, and WEED could not deliver enough  product to the provincial retail Cannabis stores, never mind any private retail cannabis outlets approved by the provincial governments, been a hype with postmedia touting everyday in national newspapers, and online. All the danger signs of over hyped deal. Logistically , larger size operations for cannabis may not be possible since moulds common, then handling while clipping must be minimal. 2019-01-09 had a huge email blast done by a marijuana stox website to try and push to $50 CDN, shorts heavy, continue.

 T-ABX gold miner with huge shake up at head office, has not been a participant in the over 20 plus gold discoveries made by juniors in CANADA since 2010.

Z-HD poor logistics with Chinese controlled distribution companies for deliveries of online sales, lowest ratings.



More anti-Trump comments by executives in TSX-UNV, TSX-MXR, TSX-NTY, great short opportunities.

Sadly, was a big supporter of this deal, and the deal traded 100's of millions of shares, but the TSX-DGO most importantly to the promoter and website owner, denounced MAGA and President Trump just this afternoon, 2019-01-09, so must be a short immediately, While this website owner and promoter is the first supporter of President Trump on the day President Trump descended the escalator, insiders have acquired stock and are at the limit, sadly the deal needs to be shorted to oblivion as they have taken a stance with Uranium One promoters, Clinton Guistra allies.

TSX-HIVE  a Guistra, Clinton, Carlos Slim deal, the same group that did the cozy Uranium One deal.

TSX-BN.H another Guistra, Clinton, Carlos Slim deal, again same group that pilfered billions and sold out AMERICA with countless promotions that ended up nowhere, including the Uranium One fiasco.

NYSE-ALB  Albemarle, anti-Trump company mining Lithium in Nevada, from waters that are deep and Lithium rich, however the grade of the water continues to decline, problem is the company is vehemently opposed to Trump presidency as evidenced from WIPO 2016 action against domain owner.

T-KL over hyped gold producer in Canada, at new 53 week highs, 4 cent dividend declared and stock trades at $40+ canadian.

TSX-MXR touting Colombian gold projects, Colombia violent, kidnappings continue, and adjacent Venezuela. Colombia gold plays were big in 2013-15, total collapse due to title problems, MXR insiders big touts during Quebec Iron play, stock to over $1.20, raised huge funds, never drilled.

TSX-BTR over drilled gold project, resource established but drilling since 2010, no gold in other areas of huge land package, insiders topped up.