The  AI (Artificial Intelligence) exclusive tool named AiimCARDS can help exploration companies decide where to focus.

Save money and time by limiting target areas for exploration

AiimCARDS uses the latest Artificial Intelligence and pattern recognition algorithms to analyze digital data sets of compiled geo-referenced historical exploration data, including geological, geochemical, geophysical, and structural data, drill hole data if any, rock sampling trenching if any, and geological theories on deposit type explored for, as well as digital elevation (DEM). Worldwide historic discoveries are also digitized and utilizing algorithms the result is detailed targets for drill exploration.

Producing targeting models for drilling

Breakthroughs in 3D geological modelling by several service providers, geophysical inversion and advanced visualization have made it possible to implement quantitative multi-disciplinary data integration in mineral exploration projects.

The proprietary AiimCARDS (Artificial Intelligence Investor Mining Computer Aided Resources Detection System) is established to help mineral exploration professionals identify areas with a high statistical probability of similarity to known areas of mineralization comparing local and worldwide discoveries. In combination with modern exploration techniques, AiimCARDS is a useful tool to save both money and time by limiting target areas for exploration. In addition to data mining and target generation, the algorithm based application is being set to be utilized in the Cannabis and Oil and Gas and stock market industries. Of course each industry has different parameters for the algorithms but the application is being worked to apply to the other industries.