TSX volume leaders with substance.



NEWS ALERT...TSX-NTM stakes ground adjacent TSX-GTT...TSX-GTT announces $17.6 million NEWMONT GOLDCORP provate placement investment...TSX-BEA huge volume, news on lithium project...TSX-RDU gold intercepts, stock price doubled before public disclosure, and from website vein system near vertical...TSX-MXR story news release after the fact, management late disclosure always, and inept, best short...TSX-BNCH talking historic mine in BC, high price...CSE-PLTH to announce annual results April 30...TSX-WM new long gold intercept in new zone west of Mine...TSX-WHN more highgrade gold, awaiting more results...TSX-SiC more gold and awaiting VG results...........


T-PDL Canada's Palladium and platinum producer, first dividend announced.

TSX-WM historic gold deposit being reworked, had big gold recovery numbers announced

T-NVO with conglomerate hosted gold in Australia

​T-iVN famed Vancouver promoter, mine finder, with new copper discovery in Africa, high grades over good widths, may have topped out?

T-RNX  with Australia Gold Nickel mine, last June ripped from cents to over $1.00 on huge volumes, continues trading huge, as miners find high grade gold shoots at mine in Australia.

​T-TECK.A, TECK.B coal, copper gold miner, just moved back into financing juniors with good advanced projects, TSX-SUNM with copper discovery at gold copper project Lustdust, now merging ith Lorraine Copper that has other copper deposits in vicinity, 

TSX-WHN new gold discovery in vicinity of histori gold prospects, only 3 hours from Vancouver on major highway.

TSX  BEST  SHORTS -- DECEMBER  2016 new ones in Shorts Section

V.CUZ---CRUZ Capital---- trading on Cobalt promotion, group with historic promotions without completing substantive work. Cobalt is mined as a byproduct, the V.CUZ prospects are historic high value results in geologic environments that are not conducive to large tonnage or any tonnage deposits with economic grades. Group stock is tight held, has traded on the promotion for 6 months, so enough stock distributed to ensure capitulation. First announced acquisition were mineral claims that covered historic occurrence that is owned by crown grants-- so ownership is in doubt and not clarified, and claims abut a park.

v.CNZ- Canadian Zeolite-- management out of their league. Tie in promotion to marijuana industry and with major control of stock, has run to just under $2 per share and drifted downwards, big volumes by stock promoters to induce distribution.

c.XMG--MGXMinerals---managed by a professional poker player promoting Lithium in brines in Alberta, problem is, the historic Lithium values were numbers obtained from OIL well drill hole heads and drilling for OIL usually uses Lithium drill muds (lubrication) these drill wells are over 5000 feet deep usually, so the amount of Lithium drilling mud used would be huge, and would remain in hole forever hence any water from the drill head would assay Lithium, this has not been clarified in news releases, so shows utter incompetence on management- professional poker player, and the geological team who are notorious stock promoters the past 20 years without any of the grandiose claims made in stock promotions becoming anything other than wallpaper.  

v.EMC--Emblem ---NEW marijuana stock listing on TSX. Email blast in the form of a shareholder letter trading at over $3.00, without any of the branding other marijuana deals trading on TSX have with celebrities or cash flows that match other deals trading at lower price levels.

​v.EHT -- Enerdynamic--- solar, wind power. Website very subpar, trading up from 6 cents to highs of 23 cents with huge volume 12-16-16. Announced deal signed with no economics released with African country Military for military housing using some styrofoam? building system viewable on company website video. Shows solar panels and wind turbine but shows no connecting of solar panels nor wind turbine to generator etc. Looks very amateur, website is amateur and no information on directors. Company website and videos speak for themselves and lack of capabilities.

New Discoveries 


TSX-NTM with Rare Earths in Canada, and boron in USA, also tie on to TSX-GTT gold play

T-PDL---- Announced first dividend ever, only miner of Platinum and Palladium in Canada.

TSX-WHN   ---- new gold discovery in area of historic values, only 3 hours from Vancouver on major highway, 

T-iVN=== copper discovery in Africa, high grade values over robust widths.

TSX-AMX new gold discovery in area of historic deposit, eastwards in Quebec.

T-NMX----------World's next Lithium mine, Lithium rich pegmatite delineated, all permits,

proposed open pit, several issues with construction and delivery of product on agreements, have stock price in low $0.30, huge volume trader, do due dilligence. 

TSX-NXE--------volume leader, uranium projects, smaller high grade uranium deposits in 

saskatchewan, a few negatives--possibly overbought---deep deposits and 

intercepts----may not be amenable to insitu leaching---same group through

private title holders lapsing adjacent ground, depths of over 500 meters, Cameco shutdown its rabbitt lake uranium mine in Saskatchewan in April 2016 due to uranium prices and low level market demand, counts per second (cps) used but never specify in news if total counts or specific U counts, alerted more when 50% uranium reported in core-anyone exposed to that core was recklessly exposed as the level of  At levels of 10 mg/m3, uranium is immediately dangerous to life and health. The transportation of the core and handling would be critical to prevent lose of life, suggesting the assaying may be questionable as the laboratory is the same laboratory which was used by the BRE-  gold scam of 1997, possible short opportunity?

TSX-GTT------10/10 DRILL HOLES hit new high grade gold discovery near Imperial Metals Red Chris Mine.

TSX-GGI------discovers large outcrop area by VTEM surface on surface with Ni Cu Co mineralization in gabbros as at nearby Ni deposit, 


TSX-EOG oil discovery offshore Guyana, also earned income in news, do due dilligence

TSX-AMK 780+ meters ave 0.68g/t gold drill hole, volume in deal, 7.5 cents

TSX-HAWk more ground and old ground confirmed owned, adjacent ASX-NCM red chris mine, NCM announced 20+ million ounces gold present

TSX-MD 227+ meters of 0.17% Copper EQV., yawn but it is 90+ cents

TSX-BTU adjacent T-GBR, drilling, recent priavte placement, 50+ million shares issued.

TSX-BBB long intercept, 557 meters, average 1.97g/t gold equivalent, in BC, see if management can continue to shape up zone or if one hit wonder

T-TRST illegal cannabis grow rooms at licensed facility(ies)? health canada investigating, auditors never determined, raised additional $170 million by debt offering, OSC continues to allow trade since news broke last week, for fees? Criminal acts

TSX-GFG begins drilling wyoming gold deposit, drilled between 2008-2013, metallurgical issue? upticking on no volume

TSX-GBR new gold results, 3m of 18+g/t gold, news out on zone extension, deal $4.50+

T-KNT 19,000+ OZ GOLD prod, plus Cu, financings, top volume, new highs $2.00+

TSX-DYA top trader recent news flurries on diesel clean tech, now software related announced today, orders news last week, do due dilligence

T-WM top trader agian with drill results from Fenelon gold project up from 15 cents February, to 42 cents

TSX-MTLO daily top trader for week, current $0.90+, doubled, 189 million shares issued, Linton deal, after Linton booted by Z-STZ from T-WEED world's largest cannabis company

TSX-LBB.P anti trump management, spreading rumors of industrial takeover, no news, bad track record

TSX-iMiN blockchain, doubled, but bitcoin miners shutdown, no assets working

TSX-GTT starts 10,000 meter drill program, promo, top geology team

TSX-XiM, CEO "positioning Ximen to become British Columbia's next significant gold producer" = has no reserves, same tout as IR firm

TSX-BTU land package adjacent T-GBR, Dundee financing

​CSE-XMG magic box Lithium extraction, wins Petroleum AwarD

T-UEX cobalt intercepts shallow depth, drilling 6 months ago, slow for news, 

TSX-LL, TSX-UCU, T-AVL, TSX-CCE, TSX-DEFN, TSX-NTM, all rare earths projects, or deposits, managements comatose

T-GBR releases more drill results to NW 12+ meter intercept of 12.3+g/t gold, at 50-60 meter depth, McEwan deal, Red Lake

TSX-UCU rare earth deal remote remote Alaska, Yttrium, focused on processing in North America with "magic box", been flogging story for years, no promotion

TSX -CCE rare earth deposit remote remote Quebec, lowest grade, wrong REE's for EV market, no promotion

TSX-AHE name says Helium, no assets, David Sidoo- college entry scam fame

TSX-CRU pushing Cobalt, extremely impossible mineral to mine, occurs with other minerals, only sole cobalt mines mined with slave labour

TSX-BNCH historic BC minesite, high price, promo equates 900km away zones to this zone

TSX-NTY huge volumes, story news releases after the fact, insiders buying and promoting each other, no action in years

TSX-PST Vanadium projects in Nevada 

TSX-NNN share rollback, and 10 times less Palladium than TSX-NTM

TSX-HVT cannabis deal announces distribution deal with Walmart USA and athlete approved product

TSX-TR Schellenburg's sold Argentinian asset for $100million+ now zeballos historic underground high grade gold

CSE-LiB- top volume trader past few sessions, cannabis sector

TSX-MXR exploring conglomerate hosted gold in Colombia, management issues story news well after fact, best short opportunity, now promoting LWIR surveys, magic box storyline, 

T-iVN copper in Africa 

TSX-WHN with new gold only 3 hours from Vancouver on Highway, TSX-UNV

T-RNx wild swings on huge volume, gold discoveries in Aussie mine.

TSX-Amx new gold discovery in historic deposit area in Quebec

TSX-WM historic gold deposit in Quebec with new values

TSX-AiiM no news but huge volumes, no projects but has Ai program 

TSX-GXS gold in drillholes in Guyana, only 2 holes so far

T-KL gold production, plus earnings, overpriced?

​TSX-SiC gold discovery last June, expanding in Newfoundland